Here are some of the current projects we are working on

U-Pb geochronology of speleothems

This has been a major research focus of the Melbourne team for over a decade and we now have well-established protocols in place and a mass spectrometer dedicated to this work. Some recent highlights include:

A 10 million year record of subtropical precipitation from the Neogene of Southern Australia preserved in speleothems from the Nullarbor Plain (a manuscript under review) - see panel (d) below:

and provision of the first radiometric ages for the World Heritage Riversleigh fossil mammal site in Queensland, described by Sir David Attenborough as ‘one of the four most important fossil deposits in the World ' - see Woodhead et al. Gondwana Research 2016:

This is a project where you can help! We are constantly on the lookout for well-preserved, old speleothems. If you have any materials which are beyond the range of U-series dating we would be happy to collaborate with you to produce U-Pb chronologies for these materials. Contact Jon Woodhead for further information.


Speleothem palynology

coming soon!