The Nullarbor Plain of southwestern Australia is the worlds largest karst province. Although semi-arid today cave systems resplendent with speleothems bear witness to a much wetter past climate. Most of these speleothems date from the Pliocene, and grew predominantly from 3-5 million years ago.

The Nullarbor is one of our major research sites with U-Pb dating, palaeotemperature analysis, speleothem palynology and rainfall monitoring studies ongoing.

Barkly karst

The Barkly karst is in the Gulf region of northern Australia and subject to a monsoonal influence. The caves are very hot and humid - you don't stay in there for very long!

We have a large research program in place here with active cave monitoring and ongoing speleothem palaeoclimate studies.



Croesus Cave, Tasmania

An iconic and beautiful Tasmanian cave with limited access. This particular trip just a reconnaissance.